Together, we are Islands of Coherence, a member based social network of purpose, made up of communities of practice, “Islands” sharing insights, inspiration, and evolutionary tools to make the journey brighter and lighter. A generative, heart-centered, purposeful playground - a safe harbor.

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We aim to be an ecosystem of epic individuals, projects and solutions for the great shift of our species.

We are a visionary culture, one that acts like imaginal cells within the planetary body and we are consciously cultivating Coherence through Presence, Resonance, and collective Emergence.

Together, we understand that we are embodiments of the Living Universe, uniquely informed, naturally interconnected, and part of a greater whole.

We envision ourselves navigating through the greatest transformation of our era, a massive shift happening on all scales. We see it happening now and know we have a special part to play.

We apply the simple, yet profound practice of uniting the mind with the heart to unleash the possibilities of our human potential

We study cutting edge living science and wisdom teachings that inspire and uplift the mind and spirit 

We gather together to activate the power of our collective energy and build a field of unified energy and support

Are you in need of a sacred space and safe harbor to counterbalance noise and disequilibrium in the world around us?

Are you looking for somewhere nourishing and inspiring to practice the power of love and peace in these times of great change?

If yes, we invite you to join with us and experience the power, peace and possibilities available to you when you consciously choose to cultivate greater coherence in the heart of your life and join with others doing the same.

Membership in the Islands of Coherence Network Includes:

• A personalized social dashboard (desktop & mobile) where you choose what you see on your home feed and calendar, based on the Islands, Topics, Deep Dives and People you follow.

• Meaningful connection with a like-hearted community of peers from around the world in the Islands, live events, courses, breakout groups, online chat, private messaging, posts and more.

• Evolutionary tools to strengthen and inspire you in these times of unprecedented change.

• Member Offerings and “Islands” for you to explore the unique wisdom, heart felt guidance, and engaging content and events from our IOC Cohort and participating organizations.

Feature Member Offerings Include:


hosted by Aleksey Vays

These guided meditation sessions are tools, which help you envision, embody, and feel the reality you prefer.


hosted by Khadijih Mitchell-Polka

Specifically designed to take you deep into your body, heart, and the precious present moment.


hosted by Penny Heiple

A gathering place where we come together to burn the fire of community, weaving our stories and sharing in deep connection.


hosted by Kelly Ford

Peace Pockets provides an opportunity to learn, practice, and experience deep listening in small group circles.


hosted by Darity Wesley

Evolutionary tools and practices that support a new way of life. Explore the application and integration of these practices into our daily lives.

Featured Islands Include:

Explore the unique wisdom, heart felt guidance, and other offerings from aligned organizations, communities of practice & evolutionary guides.

If you are seeking a soulful space to nurture yourself in these times of great change, look no further.  The Islands of Coherence is here to open up a world of inspiring resources & potential for you in 2022.

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Where we choose to invest our time, attention, resources and creativity has an impact on the choices we make and our capacity to live on purpose, in heart-centered coherence.

If everyone contributes something, we can have “spaces” like this that are free of advertisements or someone controlling what we see or share. This is our “space” to cocreate and steward together, and when we each contribute what we can, we establish a sustainable base from which to grow and flourish.

Choose the Membership Plan that honestly reflects your capacity to give.
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Coherence is our birthright. It’s time to claim it together!