This network space and Pulse events are offered as a gift.

If you feel served and inspired by your experience here, we invite you to contribute to the Global Coherence Pulse and Islands of Coherence Network so we can continue to support a growing community in building a critical mass of coherence.

If you have the means, please be generous with your gift so we can reach and engage as many people as possible with this important initative. Every heart matters! 

If you can only give a small gift please know that it has a huge impact when given with love. Every gift given with love, no matter what it is – money, sharing the message, participating fully – it is all welcome, deeply appreciated and makes a difference. 

We are fueling the future with the choices we make with our money, energy, time and above all, our love. 

Your gift is tax deductible through Community Ventures, our 501c3 partner and fiscal sponsor.

“Giving is the secret of abundance.”

- Swami Sivananda

Growing Our Impact & Service

We welcome individuals and Partner organizations interested in connecting us to additional flows of resources to support our ongoing growth and impact.

We are in need of event sponsors and project patrons who are inspired to help us expand the research, media and content development, network systems, expansion to multiple languages, and our partner and community engagement and support.

If interested, please contact us

Some of our Impact Visions include:

  • Creating artful Media and mini-documentaries about Global Coherence and including testimonials from participants about their personal experiences
  • Supporting various aligned citizen science initiatives and documenting them
  • Supporting additional research into the most effective practices for building Coherence & amplifying the field of collective intelligence.

A Big Heart-Felt Thank You

To Everyone, who Donates to This Initiative:

Roxane Pellin
Eva Flood
Natasa Pavlovic
Glen Vickery
Sophie Djadra
Jeanne Northsinger
Eric Stromberger
Katie Waller
Gayle Early
Michelle Herron
Maryann Lanew
Diana Mcknight
Jemima Cookson
Karena Domenico
Rachel Sebastian
Sheetal Contractor
Araceli Guzman
Eldja Boumaour
Andreza Cezario
Karen Freeman
Lyle Olsen
Carlino Camingue
Marc Comisar
Diane Keegan
Wanda Zamorano
Kathleen Doll
Claudia George
Barbara Jones

Dawn Dowd
Virginia L Porter
Mike Tiller
Marian Davies
Anne Dudrow
Barbara Minard
Kathleen Doll
Nancy Harris
Julie Devi
Barbara Jones
Wanda Zamorano
Judith Roderick
Zuzana Dobrovolna
Dmitry Dolzhanskiy
Marcia Raff
Mildred Hathaway
Virginia L Porter
Susan Norkett-Guljas
Adam Roberts
Nicholas Berry
Kate Baron
Sigurd Knaub
Kris Edwards
Steven Oakden
Tawnya Raab
Khadijih Mitchell
Uta Schmelter

Natasa Pavlovic
Christine Anuszewski
Aisling Jerith
Veronica Haslam
Lucia Karakitsios
Caroline Hicks
Daryl Barber
Eldja Boumaour
Frances Doll
Julian Bull
Lavinia Long
Carlino Camingue
Mildred Hathaway
Arthur Lettenmaier
Nanci Burtman
Michelle Clement
Evelina Hoter
Edith Pfaffhauser
Emma Bellamy
Rami Baz
Lavender Grace Cinnamon
Mark Smith
Barbara Lang
Anelie Arao
Rachel Sebastian
Ramona Charles
Sheri Moktadier