Our Why

The Islands of Coherence Member Network

We are a visionary culture, one that acts like imaginal cells within the planetary body and we are cultivating Coherence through Presence, Resonance, and collective Emergence.

Together, we understand that we are embodiments of the Living Universe, uniquely informed, naturally interconnected, and part of a greater whole.

We envision ourselves navigating through the greatest transformation of our era, a massive shift happening on all scales. We see it happening now and know we have a special part to play.

We are a safe harbor in a sea of chaos. Together, we are Islands of Coherence, a member based social network of purpose made up of “Islands” where insight, inspiration, and evolutionary tools make the journey brighter and lighter.

We are cultivating love and wisdom at the evolutionary edge, and traversing intelligent and emergent areas of consciousness: new physics and science, wisdom traditions, art and culture.

We are cultivating an expression that will unlock higher vibrational realities and ways of being human together.

As the future unfolds before us, we increase our capacities for conscious evolution through wise discoveries and various practices that include coherence building and embodiment techniques, mindfulness and meditations, conversations, and connecting with each other.

We are a community of practice, one with an evolutionary purpose, made to embody the principles and practices of healthy, evolutionary, living systems.

We aim to be an ecosystem of epic individuals, projects and solutions for the great shift of our species.

Our Core Principles & Values

We live in integrity, aligning our words with our deeds, staying true to our commitments, and striving to embody the principles of coherence.

We tend to our own gardens, practicing self care, and using coherence tools and practices to return to center when we are challenged.

We generate a field of co-creation and synergy, bringing our full presence and cultivating the conditions for resonance, emergence, prosperity, and organicity.

We consciously choose to do the parts we are uniquely designed to do on behalf of the whole, knowing that what we feed the field matters and that we are always acting in relationship to a greater whole.

We honor our shared humanity, cultivating a safe harbor where we support each other, listen to and witness one another, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, open, honest, authentic, and transparent.

We recognize and honor our sovereignty and self responsibility, as we cultivate our capacity for discernment, conscious choice and inner freedom.

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We are a heart-centered membership network, made up of communities of practice sharing evolutionary tools for embodied coherence, social synergy and planetary regeneration.