Islands of Coherence

Islands of Coherence

A Heart-Centered Social Network

Love is our core principle, cultivating coherence is our core practice, and co-creating a thriving future for all is our shared purpose.

If you are choosing to lead with love through this challenging and potentiated time and know it takes a village to sustain that choice, then we invite you to join the Islands of Coherence Network.

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“When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.” 
- Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate

In Heart-centered coherence our impact is exponentially greater than the sum of our parts . . .

our collective coherence is needed now!

Imagine we are co-creating a vibrant “virtual village” like space where we can connect, share and engage withother like-hearted peers, groups, organizations, events and activities that empower us to embody and experience more coherence (LOVE) in our lives and in the world.
A thriving world is an inside job first and foremost, and it takes a village to sustain it!


Many of your favorites all in one place and new ones to explore!
Imagine a personalized social dashboard and events calendar (desktop & mobile) where you choose what you see based on the clusters, topics, deep dives and people you follow.
Access & contribute to a growing library of content, resources, events & activities that support our:
Vibrant Health & Well-Being
Individual & Collective Coherence Building 
Releasing Collective Trauma
Discovering & Activating Purpose
Increasing Collaboration & Synergy 
Joy, Playfulness & Co-Creativity
Where we invest our time, and what we focus our attention on grows!

Why Pay a Membership Fee?

Where we choose to invest our time, attention, resources and creativity right now has a direct impact on the choices we make and our capacity to sustain them as we move through these challenging and potentiated times. 

If everyone contributes we can have “spaces” like this that are free of advertisements or someone controlling what we see or share.

This is our playground to co-create and steward together, and when we each contribute what we can, we establish a sustainable base from which to grow and flourish.

Choose the Membership Plan that honestly reflects your capacity to give.

All options include a 30-Day Free Trial.
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Let Love be our legacy!

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Islands of Coherence Network Scholarship Membership

We created this partial scholarship plan for students, seniors and those, who find the regular membership fee a challenge.




Islands of Coherence Network Regular Membership

Join us in a heart-centered community network empowering its members to embody more coherence in the world.




Islands of Coherence Network Sponsor Membership

Pay it forward! This plan includes a regular membership and sponsors a member, who has applied for a full scholarship.